viernes, 18 de enero de 2008

Soon To Hit MTV: Tour Documentary With Avril Lavigne!

Coming to MTV Canada on Tuesday, 29th of January is a special none of you will want to miss. Filmed last October during Avril Lavigne's promotional tour through Latin America, this 30 minute documentary is described as following 'Napanee's own superstar sensation bounce from city to city as she dodges aggressive paparazzi, performs to sellout stadiums, comes face to face with some of her most passionate fans and tries Mexico's most outrageous delicacies.' Included in this not-to-be-missed special are backstage clips, performace highlights and coverage of her red-carpet adventures at the MTV Latin American Music Awards 2007! If you're Canadian, make sure to record it for the rest of us, or else endure our wrath! Go here to read up on all you need to know about Avril Lavigne's new MTV promotional tour special!

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