sábado, 19 de enero de 2008

Pick The Best Damn T-Shirt!

The Best Damn T-Shirt Design Contest, a competition in which Avril Lavigne fans got to design their very own t-shirt creations for The Best Damn Tour 2008 has narrowed the possible winners down to a mere 12. This contest will see the winning design being featured in Avril's Best Damn Tour merch line. And if the contest wasn't exciting enough, no less than 3 of these 12 designs have been created by some of our very own Bandaiders! Members OnlyAvril and -chris- have really proven they've got talent by making it this far! Got a design that has made it to the final dozen? Make sure to let the rest of us know! Go here to check out all the remaining entries into the Best Damn T-Shirt Design Contest, and vote for your favourite entries!

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